Call for Papers | 征稿启事

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:



•Novel computing paradigms
•Computational models
•Application paradigms
•Development environments
•Operating environments
•Computer architecture
•Hardware substrates
•Memory technologies
•Smarter life applications 

Data Engineering 

• Big Data, Data-Warehousing and Analytics
• Crowdsourcing
• Cloud Computing and Database-as-a-Service
• Database Privacy, Security, and Trust
• Data Integration, Metadata Management, and Interoperability
• Data Models, Semantics, Query languages
• Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
• Data Provenance
• Data Visualization
• Graph Data
• High Performance Transaction Management
• Information Extraction and Data Cleaning
• Modern Hardware and In-Memory Database Systems
• Query Processing, Indexing, and Optimization
• Scientific databases and applications
• Social Networks and Social Web
• Spatio-temporal Databases
• Streams and Sensor Networks
• Strings, Texts, and Keyword Search
• Transaction Processing
• Temporal, Spatial, Mobile, and Multimedia Data
• Uncertain, Probabilistic and Approximate Databases 

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